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» Thomas Mathew

Thomas Mathew, Post graduate in Science from University of Kerala. Joined the Election Commission of India in 1971 and resigned from the Commission in 1994 as Under Secretary to take up assignment as Electoral Officer with United Nations Electoral Mission in Liberia. During his tenure with the Election Commission of India, he worked with the editorial board of the “Election Law Reports and was also in charge of the elections in the Southern states of the country

In addition to his assignment in Liberia as Election Officer,

Worked as District Electoral Supervisor with United Nations Transitional Administration in Cambodia,

Adviser to the Election Commission of the Gambia under the Commonwealth Secretariat, 

Observer Coordinator with the United Nations Electoral Observer Mission in South Africa,

Member of  the United Nations Electoral Expert team in Tajikistan,

Electoral Supervisor and Advisor with the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor,

Regional Election Coordinator with the United Nations Administration of Afghanistan,

Chief Technical Advisor to the Election Commission Lesotho, and

United Nation’s Liaison Officer with Southern African Regional Conference (SADC} in Botswana.


Joined FAME in November, 2009.


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