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» Affidavits filed by candidates at the UP Election


FAME - an organization committed to encourage democratic participation and deepening democracy has taken up the cause of increasing voter awareness and enabling voters to make an informed choice in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2012 by Collecting, Digitizing and Propagating the criminal, financial and educational information furnished by the candidates in their affidavits.

We express our gratitude to CEO Uttar Pradesh for coordinating with the Returning Officers of all the 75 districts and 403 Assembly Constituencies towards posting most of the candidates’ affidavits within 48 hours of nomination. FAME through its own back end facility has coordinated with the CEO Uttar Pradesh and facilitated in overcoming the time gaps , technical snags etc  in posting of affidavits at CEO UP website on a day to day basis.

This has helped FAME in digitizing all the filed and available affidavits in creating a Constituency Candidate Comparator of 403 ACs and about 6000 candidates which have been displayed at


FAME is also thankful to the National and Regional, Print and Electronic media who have actively made use of this Constituency Candidate Comparators and shared this information with their and viewers to help them make informed choice on the basis of candidate’s background.

FAME also attempted to collect and publish through its website the Performance Card Members (MLAs) of Legislative Assembly of the Uttar Pradesh which assembled for only 96 days in their 5 years rule, on their attendance, number and quality of questions raised and the MLAs fund utilization. Unfortunately, our effort failed in absence of any support from the Assembly Secretariat in sharing information.


This has been our modest beginning but the findings of this exercise are quite disturbing in view of the quality of candidates which gets reflected through their own submissions filed in their affidavits. Our effort has inspired us to do this more actively in the forthcoming elections till we take this information to the last man and help them select the best candidate by exercising a fully informed voting franchise. A few of our observations are shared herewith to underline the importance of taking this information to the voter:






Ramveer Upadhyay

Sikandra Rao


His movable assets increased by 712 %

Abdul Mannan



He has declared value of his agriculture land as Rs.850000. In 2007 the same land was valued at Rs.35,00,000/-

Badshah Singh



1. Declared value of only 4 out of 5 residential properties.                           2. Movable assets of spouse of Mr. Singh increased by 6173 %, without taking loan from anybody.

Zulfikar Ahmed Bhutto

Agra South


Assets of Mrs.Bhutto increased by 3260 % in last 5 years

Nakul Dubey

Bakshi Ka Talab


Non Agri Land of 273 Sq. Mtr purchased in 2003 ( as per declaration) was not declared in 2007 elections. It was purchased for Rs.5,21,000/-and having current value of Rs.40,00,000/-.

Rakesh Babu



918 % increase in movable assets.

Somansh Prakash



Agri Land incease by approx 1 acre with the same khasra numbers as declared in 2007. With khasra number 870, 871 and 420 the same plot was declared as of 6.338 hec, but in 2012 the same plot with the same khasra numbers is declared of area 6.702 hec. Non Agriculture land with Khasra Number 1070 declared as ancestral land was not declared in 2007 affidavit.

Yograj Singh



His declaration of asset is not in the prescribed format. It seems that he has filled the form intentionally.





Name of Contestent

Contesting from AC



Fagu Chauhan



Agriculture is the sole source of Income declared by Mr. Fagu Chauhan. He is having 10.81 acre of land in his name and 0.7 acres in spouse name. With this 11.5 acres land this family has filed income tax return of Rs. 39,68,372 for self and Rs.1,86,506/- for spouse i.e. Total Rs.41,54,878/- earned from this 11.5 acre of land. It means Rs.361293.7 per acres. He should be made Agriculture minister of the country to address issues in farm productivity. Increase in Movable property ( liquid assets ) is 895%. Net worth of Mr. Chauhan increased by 603 % while net worth of Mrs, Chauhan increased only by 62 %.

Jagdish Narayan




Laxmi Narayan Choudhary



4 nos firearms declared in 2007 are missing in 2012 affidavit

Subodh Chandra



Main occupation as declared by Mr. Subodh for self is Agriculture, but the land ( Agri + non agri ) is not declared. Apart from that all the property is not inherited.

Sayed Ahmed



He is having 9 cases pending in various courts. All of them are serious in nature.  8 of the cases are related to fraud and cheating charges. In 1 of the case he has been declared untraceable in the court ( as per the affidavit filed by candidate )

Sanjay Kumar Singh

Bakshi Ka Talab


Declared Dairy as his business but not having any assets related to the business. Also has declared fixed assets as Zero. He has not filed his ITR for FY 2010 - 11.

Juhie Singh

Lucknow East


Case is pending in CBI court against Mrs. Juhie Singh along with his father Mr. Akhand Pratap Singh ( Senior Bureaucrat in UP govt. ) for forgery of documents and cheating

Vinod Singh

Lucknow East

Peace Party

Mr. Vinod Shrivastava is having dues of Rs.24847 towards IT department for self and Rs.5897 due for wife.

Arun Kumar Dwivedi

Lucknow East


He is having a case pending in Special CBI Court, New Delhi under serious crime for cheating and fraud.

Mohd.Naseem Siddiqui

Lucknow Central


He has never filed his ITR.


Ravi Das Mehrotra

Lucknow Central


Declared Social Service and Ex MLA pension as his source of Income. Having 17 cases pending against in various courts. One of the cases is related to Ayodhya, pending in ASCJM CBI ( Ayodhya ) case.

Suresh Chauhan

Lucknow Cantt


He is sitting corporator in Lucknow Municipal corporation but is not filing his ITR.


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