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» Launch of Biography of Mr. K.J. Rao The Cobra Dancer


Extracts of the launch of “The Cobra Dancer” – a biography on Mr. K. J. Rao

“The only continuity of election commission becoming a brand is K J Rao as he has worked with all CECs except the first one”

“His commitment to continuity is more significant in view of being at the right side of the process as well as the people too, which is quite unlikely for a dynamic of changing organization”

“People; in general, of this country are honest. ”

“Most dangerous things are internal infirmities of a human”

“We must chase a person who has nothing to hide AND has nothing personally to look up.”

Mr. J.S.Verma 

Former Chief Justice of India 


“Mr. K J Rao is very humble, but don’t get mistaken for his humility – he is a tiger in the field.”

Dr. S.Y. Qureshi 

Chief Election Commissioner


“It was inspirational to see a 63 year old man - Rao Sir,  running up the wooden stairs at Administrative offices in Bihar and running down with the same intensity – committed to duty and purpose.

Shekhar Gupta

Editor Indian Express group


“Jagannath is not a ‘Cobra Dancer’ but a King Cobra himself – executioner of unethical politics.”

“His handling of surrendered militants during J & K 2002 elections was unimaginable and next to impossible, only he can tell.”

Mr. J.M.Lyngdoh

Former Chief Election Commissioner


“Power cannot be given, it’s taken for the purpose”

Mr. K.J. Rao



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