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To put to good use the first-hand experience in conducting 'free and fair' elections in some of the toughest states, four former chief election commissioners, J M Lygndoh, T S krishnamurthy, N.Gopalaswami and Dr S.Y. Quraishi have come together to form a non-govermmental organisation which will help monitor election procedure within and outside the country.

The Foundation for Advanced Management of Election (FAME) has a number of retired Election Commision officials from Delhi as well as state electrol offices,making in the first team of election professionals in the country.

"We have already recieved very good response from inside the country and a number of international bodies,".

FAME has Lyngdoh as president, Krishnamurthy As vice-president, Mehendiratta and Rao as director and general secretary respectively. The organisation sees a role for itself in helping people become part of a more effective democracy.

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